What factors are related to the inductance of air-core inductors?And what is its calculation formula?1. Calculation formula of inductance of air-core inductor: First use paper to make a small cylinder, and then wind an inductor coil on the cylinder to make an air-core inductor. Calculation formula of air-core inductor: LmH)=(.08DD.NN/(3D+ 9W+10H) 1. This can calculate the number of turns of the winding inductor: Number of turns = [Inductance* { (18*turn diameter (inch)) + (40 * turn length (inch))}] ?turn diameter (inch) ) Number of turns = [8.116 * {(18*2.047) + (40*3.74)}] ?2.047 = 19 turns The number of turns can be calculated based on the above points: Number of turns = [Inductance* { ( 18* Turn diameter (inch)) + (40 * loop length (inch))}] ? loop diameter (inch) number of loops

25 December 2023

High-frequency electronic transformers are electronic transformers with high operating frequency, generally higher than 20kHz.The precise definition is an electronic transformer with a high operating frequency. Generally, the operating frequency is higher than 20kHz, which is high frequency.The definition of high-frequency electronic transformer is very clear, but it has been misled by some opinions expressed by some domestic experts.In order to return to the true nature of high-frequency electronic transformers, it is necessary to clarify the concepts of transformers, electronic transformers, and high-frequency electronic transformers in order to eliminate those misunderstandings.First, let’s find out what is a transformer?A transformer that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction means that alternating voltage is applied to the primary winding of the coil to generate alternating magnetic flux, and an output voltage is induced in the secondary winding, thereby transmitting energy, converting voltage (or signal), and electrically insulating The role of isolation.To produce electromagnetic induction, alternating voltage must be applied to the primary winding. It is impossible to have a transformer with DC voltage as the working power supply.That kind of DC voltage

10 March 2024

On May 31, the production line of Hunan HUASUN Dentong Technology Co., Ltd. was in automatic production.The company is a key large-scale enterprise engaged in electronic component processing introduced by Zhijiang to implement industrial transformation and upgrading. The electronic component products it produces are widely used in different fields such as computer peripherals, automotive electronics, household appliances, and digital products. Production and sales Service outlets cover Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.

25 December 2023

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Widely used in: artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, network communications, automotive electronics, industrial automatic control systems, smart wearable devices, robots, etc.

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Company products: R&D and production of a full range of high-frequency and low-power magnetic materials, SMD inductors, MOLDING, Power magnetic and electrical components, and electromagnetic components for optoelectronic applications.
High frequency transformers, differential common mode inductors, EMI filters, inverters, dimming transformers, photoelectric modules.

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